Zeetings Trial


Zeetings is a next generation presentation tool that provides interactive components that allow participation from the audience in a synchronous and asynchronous form. Zeetings is an Australian startup and member of EduGrowth and uImagine is working closely with them on a trial which will run with 3 academics (in 6 subjects) in theFaculty of Arts & Education during Session 1 of 2018.


The aim of the trial is to test the suitability of Zeetings as a tool to help increase engagement and participation during face-face-face teaching. The team is also using the software to support online sessions that utilise the interactive tools available in Zeetings. Working closely with the developers of Zeetings, who are keen to get practice based feedback on their software, the team


The trial is run with 3 Academics and support by a uImagine team member, Lyn. It is being done in conjunction with the Zeetings team, who attend regular meetings with the group to discuss the use of the software, practices and techniques for using it in their teaching. These sessions provide rich data to the Zeetings team and creates a 1-to-1 relationship directly with their users allowing them to shape key development decisions around the feedback that’s provided. In this way teaching staff are not simply consumers or users of the software, but are actively engaged in its development.