SkillBox is a curated, self-assessed, self-paced multimedia set of resources that was developed for use by students as a way to increase their knowledge and confidence specific topics such as statistics, basic mathematics or referencing that are required in many tertiary subjects. A SkillBox uses adaptively scaffolded text, video and self-assessment quizzes, and is provided to students as an optional supplementary resource.


SkillsBoxes were created for and ran within a number of subjects within CSU:

  • Matrices;
  • Descriptive Statistics;
  • R (RStudio and R Commander);
  • Referencing; and
  • Report Writing.


Surveyed students and staff to evaluate the success of SkillBox across three teaching sessions. The results found that engaging with SkillBox increased students’ confidence, attitude and knowledge in the topic area covered in that SkillBox, and that both students and staff found the addition of SkillBox useful and would recommend its use in other subjects. Although more research is needed, we suggest that a resource such as SkillBox can positively contribute not only to student knowledge and confidence in a range of topics, but also to equity, retention, engagement and academic performance in the subjects where a SkillBox is promoted.