Online Learning Exchange


The Online Learning Exchange was initially developed as a resource to hold the CSU’s newly developed Online Learning Model. Using the model as a basis a number of strategies were developed that align with the seven elements of the model. These strategies were developed as a pattern language and designed to be used in conjunction with each other to create a customised learning design, rather than design templates of a whole course.


Rather than simply showcasing good practice the Learning Exchange was designed in a way that would allow strategies to be explained and illustrated in a manner that could be adopted.


The development of a pattern language is perhaps unique in the way that it doesn’t provide a simplistic or single method of design and deliver. Instead it allows the learning design to respond to the needs of the teacher, allowing them to incorporate strategies in order to improve elements of their teaching or subject design.


The Learning Exchange has become a key resource in professional development around the Online Learning Model. It is still being actively developed, with more strategies being added to. The addition of the Mixer allows staff to see how a subject may include strategies to various levels of intensity.