H5P Server


H5P is a new and open sourced tool for developing online interactive learning resources. To help academics, educational designers and learning technologist utilise the tool we are setting up a server to house these resources. By bringing the technology inside CSU we are able to maintain and support the use of the tool and track it’s use and growth.


To provide access to the suite of tools that H5P makes available. These can be used by staff across CSU and can be maintained by a range of staff.


The site uses a Wordpress Multisite installation to house all the content. New users can request a site be set up for their subject and then they can go in and develop and play with the tools that H5P provides.


The site was made available at the beginning of 2018 and it will run for the next 12-18 months before a review is undertaken. During this time a number of trials and pilots can be run to assess the tool and if it will should become a support learning technology within CSU.