Destination 2020


This project started life in October 2014 as the ‘Doing DE Differently’ discussion paper about the future of CSU distance education and online learning. This document was distributed to the CSU community for inclusive review and comment and from that the Destination 2020 document evolved. The document outlined the challenges faced by online and distance education providers and developed a clear plan of action to be undertaken.


The aim of the document was to provide a vision for the future work being undertaken by the Division of Student Learning and ensuring that it was aligned to the universities strategic direction. The document outlined the first instance of CSU’s Online Learning Model as way of describing a distinctive student experience. The document also outlined other areas of strategic relevance that would impact on the implementation of this new model.


The approach used in the development of this document was to provide a discussion paper that outlined some of the issues and areas of interest for the university to consider. This was then workshopped by staff throughout the university and from the feedback, recommendations and input from staff right across the university the Destination 2020 plan emerged. This consultative approach helped to de-silo the conversations going on within the university and provided an opportunity for many voices to be heard.   


The final report provided a clear course of action that set the tone of work for uImagine and the Division of Student Learning. It helped to spark many of the initiatives and project that were undertaken at CSU, in particular the work that involved the Online Learning Model, the pilots, scale up and roll out through the Transforming Online Learning initiative.