DE Transition Support


The proposed project will address the transition needs of this group of students through the redevelopment of the subject EML102 Written Communication. The focus of the subject redevelopment will be on modularising the existing online learning modules and producing a range of multi-modal interactive tasks to develop specific micro-skills.


Approximately 180 students undertake this subject each year, and it acts as the main point of transition for students undertaking the Associate Degree in Adult and Vocational Education. As the first subject undertaken by our students, this initiative will ensure that they have an opportunity to develop habits of actively engaging with peers, lecturers and content at the outset, leading to improved outcomes and retention across the program.


Currently, sessional staff teaching in DE mode within the School of Education are not contracted to provide teaching opportunities to students. By introducing a mode of DE teaching that specifically focuses on scaffolded skill development, it will be possible to demonstrate the impact teaching time has on student performance.


This project aims to provide effective transition support to students in the Associate Degree in Adult and Vocational Education (ADAVE) through the modularisation and scaffolding of the subject EML102 Written Communication. The proposed project will fund the redevelopment and the trial implementation of this subject for delivery in session 201560. The project will also evaluate the impact of the implementation using a mixed-methodology approach.