Building Work Readiness


This project helped the Faculty of Business course/subject teams to enhance students’ workplace readiness through integrating both low­-tech and high­-tech strategies from the ‘simulation triad’ (Wills, 2012) ­ online role play, games and simulations.

The project developed a framework, guidelines and professional learning program, building on current best practice and existing designs/technologies. It identified a number of appropriate subjects within a course context which then prototyped one design in each School. Case studies were be developed to sharpen learning from shared experience, and refine the guidelines and professional development approach.


The aims of the project were to:

  • Develop a framework and guidelines to support the enhancement of work readiness for business contexts;
  • Integrate an online role play, an existing business simulation or game­based elements within an identified subject in each School;
  • Support course/subject teams regarding good practice in integrating and teaching with the selected strategies;
  • Support students regarding the development of work readiness skills through participation in the selected strategies; and
  • Promote good practice in using strategies from the framework through evaluated case studies / prototypes for wider sharing and make recommendations for implementation at scale.


The project will adapted Wills’ (2012) Simulation Triad framework to synthesise and extend learning from three recent OLT ­funded projects that explored strategies and tools for providing authentic learning experiences for students.