Simulation & Role Play Symposium

A large group of CSU staff explored the exciting potential for Simulation and Role Play to play in creating exciting and engaging learning experiences.

The Simulation and Role Play Symposium was held on the 18th November 2014 on the Albury-Wodonga Campus of CSU.

The day started with a Cooks Tour of current practice and examples of both simulation and role play across CSU and externally. They included presentations from:

  • Matt Hardy from Deakin University & Lynne Flynn from CSU demonstrating the widely acclaimed and long standing Middle East Role Play;
  • Claire Brooks, Faculty of Business CSU, shared her experience from the OLT funded Project EnRoLE and provided examples of other Role Plays.;
  • Amanda Davies, School of Policing CSU, demonstrated some of the realistic Policing Simulations & Role Plays that form part of the training for NSW Police;
  • Sonja Maria & Lyle Brewster, School of Biomedical Sciences CSU, shared their expertise in running the Paramedics Simulation Centre in Bathurst; and finally
  • Sue Gregory, University of New England joined us virtually to demonstrate her work in developing Teacher Education Role Plays in Second Life.

Clark Quinn then lead a workshop exploring the considerations in design and implementation of Simulations for Learning. Drawing on 35+ years experience in designing technology supported learning experiences Clark led an in depth and challenging workshop that explained the core elements of Simulations. The group also worked on developing their own simulations to provide interesting, challenging, and interactive learning experiences for students.

The final part of the day include a panel discussion bringing together expertise from Clark, the Education for Practice Institute and uImagine to discuss “How can Simulations enhance university and workplace learning experiences?”.

Clark stayed around after the symposium and delivered this fantastic keynote presentation at the CSUed Conference that followed this event.

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  • Clark Quinn


  • Matt Hardy

    Deakin University

  • Lynne Flynn

    Division of Learning and Teaching

  • Claire Brooks

    Faculty of Business CSU

  • Amanda Davies

    School of Policing CSU

  • Sonja Maria & Lyle Brewster

    School of Biomedical Sciences CSU

  • Sue Gregory

    University of New England