CSS Out! | remove inline CSS

CSS Out! ™ | Get inline CSS Out of your HTML document

CSS Out! ™ is efficient conversion & optimization tool for web-masters & web-designers, when it comes to remove inline CSS out of HTML document. Target of the tool is to separate Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) information from the HTML document, providing more clear code structure and certain level of SEO optimization. HTML without inline CSS could result in better readability by major Search Engines & optimize the usage of critical resources (server, network, etc.). CSS Out! ™ is FREE, online CSS/HTML optimization tool.

It is highly recommended to check the validity of your code using HTML & CSS validator, before you go to the next step. It is always good idea to choose reliable hosting.

How to remove inline CSS?

High quality SEO.

1. Paste your code (HTML, XHTML, PHP, etc.) into textarea (max 240000 chars).

2. Push the magical button: CSS Out!  

3. Your new & optimized code (HTML, XHTML, PHP, etc.) download HTML:
4. Your new external CSS, you can place it in the header section or in external file download CSS:
5. Verify changes using WinMerge