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presenceTeacher presence is one of the most consistently valued elements of the Online Learning Model. From the OLM pilot evaluation (2017), it was found that, “From the student perspective, qualitative data show that students most valued: a clearly planned structure and presentation; High resource quality; academic literacy skill development support; Teacher Presence; thoughtful use of technology; and high quality assessment.” We’ve already posted quite a bit on teacher presence in this blog, so this post is an attempt to bring it all together in the ultimate post on teacher presence. One to add to and adapt as we continue on.

For those wanting to understand the rationale and literature behind teacher presence, look at:

  • the CSU Learning Exchange for a summary and overview of strategies, as well as a list of references for followup, and
  • the OLM mixer to prompt your thinking about how much weight you might give to teacher presence in your subject, and what a ‘light’ focus vs an ‘intense’ focus might look like,
  • case studies of how teacher presence is used, and how this integrates with other elements of the Online Learning Model.

You might then want to browse some example strategies, including:

Of course, there are many, many strategies that you can use to enhance your presence; the goal here isn’t to add as many as you can, but rather to develop a purposeful communication strategy that uses appropriate tools for particular purposes. If you are interested in exploring what others are doing in this area, you might like to look at:

Finally, look at this excellent page on simple behaviours and strategies for improving online teacher presence, and the associated humanising tool buffet which overviews a series of technologies that are oh so appropriate for enhancing your teacher presence.

If you are someone who just wants to talk all of that in in a very visual form, I love this infographic (click on the image to see the full infographic):


It gets to the core of what teacher presence is all about…humanising the online learning space and reminds us to think about teacher presence at all stages of the online design, including providing feedback in audio or video form (screencast-o-matic is great for this).

I hope there are some gems in that list that prompt you with some great ideas of your own as you build your communication strategy for working with your students this session!

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