Quick tip: Images in announcements – what’s the catch?

Announcements in Interact2 are a critical form of communication. There are some obvious steps to follow in planning your regular announcements, such as a greeting,  a clear form of organization that makes it easy for students to get the full value of the message, and finally a friendly way of ‘signing off’ your name.

But have you also wanted to, or been regularly including an image of some kind to enhance the presentation?

Images are a great way to capture interest, or share an important piece of information.

BUT the catch is this – simply putting an image into an announcement looks grand in the Interact2 site, but when it gets to the students email?  Not so much!Announcment1

This is what usually happens when an email hits a student inbox. Oops. This is not cool!

How do we fix this?

Here is the same problem solved in another announcement I created recenlty that DOES send an image along with the text right into the email box of every student (the image was placed at the end in this case). This time when Blackboard generated the announcement notification, it also included the image!


What a difference!  So what is the catch you ask – how can you do this too?

Adding images to announcements

When adding images simply remember that the image HAS to be live on the web – not an image you add to the Interact2 announcement by uploading it just to Interact2. The image you want to use may be available via an online repository such as Flickr (remember to only use creative commons images) or an official banner available for promotion (such as the Storytime image above).

In all these instances you would insert an external image location URL here to bring the image into your message.


It’s not hard but makes such a difference.  Store your own images in your favourite online repository (mine is Flickr) and away you go!

You might also like to check out Splash some Creative Commons onto your landing page.

Horse image flickr photo shared by slimmer_jimmer under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC-ND ) license
Heyjudeonline in Secondlife: flickr photo shared by heyjudegallery   under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license


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