KPI9 – Landing page

KPI9: Students experience initial quality assured subject Interact2 site landing pages and basic outline.

The Interact2 home page is such an important space. In a glance, it sends messages about whether your subject is static or dynamic, whether you – the academic – are welcoming and engaging or remote and aloof, whether they can expect some new, innovative learning experiences or just a formulaic approach to ‘delivering content’…of course, these messages may or may not reflect what you have designed. Either way, they affect student motivation, expectations and engagement.

The minimum expectation for all i2 sites includes:

Functional – Make sure the navigation menu is functional and clear

Informative – Include a basic heading, the subject code and name, teaching staff name and contact details (either on the landing page OR within the Contact tool), a basic overview / introduction to the subject area (in written, audio or video format).

Engaging – include some multimedia (images and/or video) that adds meaning to the page.

[Note: If a template is used, all auto-text must be adapted and hidden text needs to remain hidden].