Online QLT standards

Online QLT standards – key messages

  • This is about ensuring all subjects meet basic minimum standards – but not stopping there (because standards in teaching only go so far)
  • You need to meet the basic standard – but engage with and aim for the higher levels
  • In providing examples, this site tries to include a range of different ways people have been meeting (and exceeding!) the standards, to demonstrate how consistency and variability can work together.
  • Look out for professional learning opportunities for further discussion around specific standards.

What are the Online standards?

A quick overview of the three online standards is provided below:

KPI# Standard What do you have to do to meet the baseline standards?
9 Students experience initial quality assured subject Interact 2 site landing pages and basic outline. This is about having an informative and engaging home page and functional navigation.Functional: Use the basic navigation structure in the template (adapt the items within the basic structure to suit your subject), and ensure all menu items are clear

Informative: Include a basic heading, subject name and code, your name/contact/bio (using the contact tool), and a basic overview / introduction to the subject area (in written, audio or video format)

Engaging: Include an image/video that adds meaning to the page, use the Faculty template, and make sure all auto-text has been adapted and hidden text remains hidden

11 Students will experience a subject that provides the opportunity for peer to peer interactions in the online space. This is about having a clear strategy – and implementing that – to encourage students to interact with each other beyond just responding to their questions on the forum.Designed interaction: You should be providing students with an opportunity for interaction, such as through a managed forum.

Level of interaction: During the semester, there should be evidence of online student interaction, such as through students responding to each other on the forum.

12 Students will experience a subject that provides structured opportunity for staff to student interactions in the online space. Communication: You should be communicating subject information with students clearly and regularly, such as via announcements or the forumFacilitation: There should be some planned strategies for building teacher presence, such as a well-structured landing page (KPI9), or using online meetings. You should also initiate discussions via the forum (or other appropriate tools), not just respond to queries. And you will need to respond to questions on the forum within 3 days (as per CSU communication policy).

What support is available to improve my subject in these three areas?

The goal isn’t to propose a ‘tick box’ style approach for staff to meet these KPIs. There are so many different ways to encourage and facilitate interaction between students and to establish a strong teacher presence. However, while the QLT Online Leads wish to avoid a more prescriptive approach, we acknowledge that we also need to provide guidance and professional learning around broad elements that can/should be present, and the many variations and approaches that can be taken. Variations in both pedagogical and technological approaches will depend on the context and need of the subject and students. It’s this combination of ‘consistency and variety’, informed by guides and exemplars, that will form a major part of our work.

The QLT Online Team are also well aware that many staff are already working well beyond these expectations. Please be aware that our focus during professional learning sessions will not only be on meeting these minimum standards but also on developing practice that is well beyond the baseline level. Professional development will be available to all staff (including sessional staff) in a variety of formats, times and locations (face-to-face, online synchronous and asynchronous). A comprehensive online catalog of exemplary practice in each focus area will also be made available to support staff in meeting these targets. Faculty/School specific professional learning timetables will be circulated shortly.

Will my subject site be evaluated?

The process around this will be negotiated with Faculty Management. The short answer, though, is that if you are teaching a subject in 201660, there’s a good chance it will be ‘checked’ against the baseline criteria for the three online standards. Again, remember that in the Faculty of Business these are merely an extension of the Enhancing Student Experience Policy and other Faculty guidelines that have already been developed.

The 2016 ‘online check-up’ will be completed in 2 phases:

Phase 1 (27 June 4 July) i2 sites go live to students on 27 June. Online QLT leaders check ALL i2 site landingpages (KPI9) before session commences. Any that don’t meet baseline will receive feedback, so that you have time to ensure it meets standards before the start of session.
Phase 2 (22 August – 6September) A selected number of i2 sites from each School will be audited against the baseline criteria for KPIs 11 & 12.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this process please don’t hesitate to contact your QLT Online Lead.