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Professional Development Opportunities in BJBS:

QLTO newsletterContact: Carole Hunter | QLT Lead (Online), BJBS |

All professional learning resources can be located in the BJBS-share wiki, including our fortnightly QLTO newsletter, BJBS-finds for curation of ideas and resources around teaching online, and Faculty-focused information about the QLT (Online) standards.

Importantly, details of all forthcoming professional learning opportunities can be found in our BJBS Faculty PD Calendar. These are usually held in our QLTonline-BJBS online meeting room.

Over summer, the focus of professional learning in BJBS will be on opportunities for student interaction, using a range of strategies from synchronous online workshops to self-help resources and co-generated content. Small group sessions will focus on sharing practice, particularly regarding peer-to-peer learning strategies that have been found to work effectively in each discipline. Meeting invitations will be sent throughout November, 2016, and take place in early 2017 ready for the start of first session.

Our approach to supporting the QLT (Online) standards

Earlier this year, a series of overview sessions looked at all KPIs, with a particular focus on developing more engaging landing pages. Key presentations and details are located below:

Synchronous workshops

School Date & Time Resources
Accounting & Finance Monday 2 May, 7pm
(sessional staff)
Wednesday 11 May, 1pm
Information sheet for academic staff
Management & Marketing Thursday 12 May, 1pm Information sheet for academic staff
Computing & Mathematics Friday 13 May, 1pm Information sheet for academic staff
Psychology Wednesday 18 May, 3pm  Information sheet for academic staff
Policing Alternative approach  Information sheet for academic staff
AGSPS Thursday 26 May, 2:30pm  Information sheet for academic staff
Customs & Excise Alternative approach  Information sheet for academic staff
Engineering Alternative approach  Information sheet for academic staff

Individual feedback and group conversations: Individual feedback was provided to selected subjects during May and June, focusing on small changes that could be made to enhance learning experiences with respect to the three online standards.

Drop in sessions: These optional sessions were open to all staff in the Faculty, and allowed academics to gain immediate feedback on their landing pages and interaction strategies, for final ‘tweaking’ before the sites went live.

Asynchronous professional development opportunities: For staff unable to attend any synchronous face-to-face or online professional development,  online resources and examples were available through both this site and BJBS-share.