Faculty Professional Learning

The QLT Online Leads would like to emphasise that we do not want to propose any ‘tick-box’ style approaches for staff to meet these KPIs. There are so many different ways to encourage and facilitate interaction between students and to establish a strong teacher presence. However, while we wish to avoid a more prescriptive approach, we acknowledge that we also need to provide guidance and professional learning around broad elements that can/should be present, and the many variations and approaches that can be taken. Variations in both pedagogical and technological approaches will depend on the context and need of the subject and students. It’s this combination of ‘consistency and variety’, informed by guides and exemplars, that will form a major part of our work.

The QLT Online Team are also aware that many staff are already working well beyond these expectations. Please be aware that our focus during professional learning sessions will not only be on meeting these minimum standards but also on developing practice that is well beyond the baseline level. Professional development will be available to all staff (including sessional staff) in a variety of formats, times and locations.