How to engage students in online meetings – 13 strategies that work

As part of the Faculty of Arts and Education PD series for February/March 2017 this session shared strategies for running an online meeting in Adobe Connect – how to prepare for it, and how to foster participant interaction and engagement.

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The 13 strategies:

  • Strategy 1: Make sure the layout design of the room is what you want. Have you checked the options available? Have you designed the space you want to work in?
  • Strategy 2: Upload slides or PDF file
  • Strategy 3: Check your audio and video
  • Strategy 4: Upload a static image (as a choice from live webcam or paused webcam)
  • Strategy 5: Set up any POLLS you wish to run during the meeting. You can open, close and share results as you wish.
  • Strategy 6: Set up the CHAT Window – Text colour (students can choose a colour) and text size
  • Strategy 7: Remind participants about ‘Status’ – Away, handsup, emoticon options
  • Strategy 8: Have online resources ‘at your fingertips’ (add a Web links pod, have other wesbsites open in the browser for easy copy and paste)
  • Strategy 9 and 10: Give participants something to do!! – Simple and Advanced options
  • Strategy 11: Breakout rooms for small group conversations, assignment planning, sharing and discussion.
  • Strategy 12: Take a ‘managed’ approach and implement audio parameters
  • Strategy 13: Be strict with who is able to speak to avoid audio issues

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Julie Lindsay

Julie Lindsay


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