Announcements: What’s your style?

spring clean your announcementsOne thing that stands out when we have the chance to look through subject sites is the many varied approaches to sending announcements. And that’s a good thing. We’re individuals, not robots, and our communications with students represent that individuality.

However, there’s no denying that some approaches to sending announcements stand out from the rest. Compare the following, for example.

  • More than a hundred announcements during the semester, sometimes multiple announcements per day; unclear subject line; no greeting, closing or signature; each announcement only a line or two long, like a text message; and all announcements never moving beyond sharing links to new resources, or correcting errors or ‘forgotten’ items.
  • Regular announcements at the start of every week, with a subject line that makes it clear where we’re at and what we’re doing e.g. Week 1: Getting to know each other; warm but professional greeting and closure; signed with name and contact details; main body that’s efficient but informative, builds bridges between the previous and new weeks, and outlines the key student tasks, including hyperlinks to key resources and relevant images for engagement – a structure that’s repeated each week so students know exactly what to expect.

What different messages are sent with the two approaches?

As we gear up for a new semester, regardless of your approach, it’s a good time to think about any changes you’d like to make. Here’s an approach that you might like to think about, recommended by Julie Lindsay, QLT Lead (Online) for the Faculty of Arts and Education.


What approach will you take?

Once you’ve decided, don’t forget to make sure you’ve brushed up on how add images in your announcements, so that they don’t disappear when they come through via email.

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